About Todd Nakamine’s Photography

Over two decades of what I’d like to think of as photography. All I wanted to do is take pictures of my favorite bands. Back then, most of the stuff I was into wasn’t covered in mainstream magazines. So what did I do? Shoot the bands I liked for myself! Now, after years of sitting on everything I’ve shot, I now have an outlet to share with anyone that actually cares. Some of these photos I haven’t looked at in over a decade. Friends are always asking me “when are you gonna post some photos?” Here ya go! My photo’s paint a pretty accurate picture of how my taste in music has changed (and continues to change) throughout the years.  Its always been an obsession for me. There’s a photo that was recently uploaded to facebook by someone I knew years ago and in it is a VERY young me with a camera in hand on the side of the stage (I was a LOT thinner then). Fast forward 20+ years and I STILL have a camera in hand, still taking pictures of the artists I like for myself! Now, thanks to technology, for you!

Todd Nakamine

(Slop Shot Central)


5 Responses to “About Todd Nakamine’s Photography”

  1. Todd…you must be my long lost brother…it is like looking in a mirror.

  2. Awesome bro !

  3. I found some pictures I believe you took I. Austin texas…they are auto graphed so I’m wandering if they are importance to you…

    • I JUST saw this! Are you serious!!! They mean the WORLD to me! Please call me at 310-722-2999 if you still have them. Are they black flag stuff?

  4. Kaylaoberts64@gmail.com

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