They were one of my faves to come out of that whole NY hardcore scene. This show was with Bad Brains and Adolescents @ Fender’s Ballroom.

FENDER’S BALLROOM (Long Beach, CA.) November 22, 1986




2 Responses to “Crumbsuckers”

  1. “Beast on My Back” is still one of my fav’s!

    *I have a Crumsuckers interview to post that desperately needs some choice pix. I cannot find my film or negatives for this show for some reason!

    Hit me up if you have any others please?!

    Demolish HQ

  2. Great show,
    Crumbsuckers album on that tour was a classic
    Bad brains were the best, the crumbsuckers were seig heiling and encouraging nazi punks mayhem , once the brains played there was no room for a pit, and the skinheads left or skanked.
    A few younger kids were thrown up onto the I beams above the floor, and really the only violence I saw while the brains played was those kids scoring kicks to the heads of the bouncers trying to rip them to the ground.
    The bathrooms were flooded out into the floor area, was generally a sweaty salty sea of freaks.

    The crumbsuckers sort o fuct the potential of the show, and the bad brains weren’t so happy to be recorded it seems following up nazi hate shit , but they played anyway.

    I was a 16 year old runaway at the time, I had to trade a pair of independent trucks for a ticket 2 the show, thanks to paul wilson for making that happen!

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