One of L.A.’s fastest bands.

THE COUTRY CLUB (Reseda, CA.) 1985
This was with Megadeth and Dark Angel




Backstage At The Country Club: With Brian Slagel, DRI and Katon

This is another phase in the Hirax’s sound.  By this time I had already dropped out of the speed metal/crossover scene and into different trips like the whole SST thing and I guess so was Hirax. This was the funkier Chili Peppers era or what I’d like to call Hirax 2.0. This was a very bold move on Katon’s part. If memory serves me correctly this was pre-Nirvana so if you think about it, this change over was not only a ballsy move, it was Hirax taking a massive chance and trying to expose its followers into a whole new scene. This was sorta the new underground. Pre-Alternative and no musical parameters. Hirax 2.0 were trying something different and they weren’t bad either!







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