Mercyful Fate

This was Mercyful Fate’s first time in Los Angeles. Before this, all we saw were photos in Kerrang! and on the back of albums.

THE COUNTRY CLUB (Reseda, CA.) October 25, 1984










6 Responses to “Mercyful Fate”

  1. Todd….great photos!I absolutely love the Mercyful Fate pics,as well as the Michael Schenker photos.I am such a nostalgic soul!

  2. Todd….would you mind if I put a link to your page on Facebook and Myspace?I also would love to use some of your photos of Mercyful Fate(You would get credit for the pics,obviously) for Michael Denner’s official Myspace(I moderate it for Michael,we are very good friends),as well as Michael’s homepage I am building for him….thanks.

    • of course! A long as it’s official. I sent some to hank shermann as well. I’m actually cleaning up more shots and posting

  3. Hey Todd….thank you very much.Looking forward to the new shots as well.Very much appreciated…I saw Mercyful Fate during this tour at the Tower Theatre,Pa.,with Motorhead and Exciter.A lot of your other band pics are quite impressive as well,being that I’ve seen many of the bands you have photographed during the time period.Thanks again.

  4. Great photos Todd! I was also at this show at the Country Club. I sure miss this great venue!!!

  5. Just simply put, bad ass dude. All hail the King !

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