Radiohead throughout the years. Their Tower Records performance was the first major jump from being a great Brit Pop band to artists with no limitations. My friend was video atping this show and caught my friend Ryan and myself on the tape showing us speechless and in awe.

TOWER RECORDS SUNSET (Hollywood, CA.) April 4, 1995














4 Responses to “Radiohead”

  1. Thank you for sharing those pics :0)
    Have you shared the video of the show your friend did too?
    I would be very happy to be able to watch this show.
    I’m quite nostalgic of those old times :0)

  2. That gig was in 1995, not 1994! The cover of The Bends is on that poster, and it didn’t even exist yet in spring 94.

  3. awesome pics of that gig! i remember that show vividly. they didn’t have an autograph signing afterwards but had a quickie “meet thom yorke”. they had to fly to london in a few hours then. i managed to audio record 4 songs. i hope yer friend could share the video on youtube or something. here’s the setlist from that night:

    • They actually did sign a few things before deciding they would just meet n greet. I was lucky enough to be inside and had a couple things signed.

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